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How to Manage Diabetes

Managing Diabetes doesn’t have to be rocket science; all it takes is a fundamental understanding of the role that sugar plays in our daily lives. If we can balance our sugar intake, then we can manage our body. And if we can manage our body, then there’s nothing to stop us living the life we want to live. Here are two simple strategies that work together to help you manage diabetes…

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5 Factors That Cut Kidney Cancer Risk

Few diseases strike fear into the heart quite like cancer. It is one of the world’s deadliest afflictions and comes in so many guises that it’s sometimes difficult to know what you should do to reduce your risk of developing it. Fortunately there have been such rapid medical advances in the past 50 years that we are now far savvier about what we need to do to cut our risk of developing the disease. This article looks at five factors that play a role in reducing your risk of getting kidney cancer, which is particularly lethal if it isn’t caught early…

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