Boost The Quality of Your Life Today eBook – 90 Diet & Fitness Tips (486 Pages)

“Boost the Quality of your Life Today” provides people a way out of their unhealthy routine. If you can relate to the daily struggle of trying to maintain a healthy diet and stay fit, you have come to the right place.


The book is divided into four sections; Weight Loss Tips, Healthy Eating Tips, Fitness Tips and General Health Tips.  The book gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your life and get out of the downward spiral that you have set on.


Let’s have a quick glance at the amazing and effective nutritious tips you will discover in this e-book:


Is the lack of motivation keeping you from losing weight? Are you troubled about your child’s increasing weight? How can you help yourself or child lose weight? This chapter will provide you with weight loss tips on how you can squeeze in some exercise in your busy schedule.



The delicious aroma and taste of food draws us to eating it. In a few months, you see the effects of eating scrumptious and fatty foods on your health and body. In your defense, healthy food is yucky, and junk food taste delicious!. In this chapter, I will change your perception about diet food and introduce you to delicious food with several health benefits along with tips to distance yourself from unhealthy eating.



You need to put a spring to your step to become more alive, energetic and confident. Exercise will definitely do that for you. This chapter will help you establish fitness goals, teach you different exercises, and help make exercise something you love instead of hate.



Here, I will address specific health queries such as how to manage diabetes, tips to sleep better at night, curing acne, correcting hormonal imbalance without medicine, and more. If you have general health question you need answered, you will find this chapter useful.

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Table of Contents – 90 Diet and Fitness Tips (496 pages)

If You Are Ready for Your Transformation, Buy the “Boost The Quality of Your Life Today e-book”. Do Not Let Life Pass You By, Learn to Control It and Live It Like You Are Meant to!