13 Effective Ways To Stop Food Craving

The Majority of us today have challenges with food. Having an understanding about our eating habits and health can really help us when it comes to making a responsible decision. A lot of people have a problem with “food craving.” Scientific studies revealed that it’s usual for food craving to occur around bed time. You might have had a hard day, and off you go to find a tasty meal.


Whenever food craving is not controlled, what begins as a night-time snack will turn into a full-blown eating frenzy. Many food cravings are not for satisfying our nutritional needs. They result from either emotional stress or gluttony.


Listed below are few ways on how to stop food craving:


1. You cannot consume food if it’s not available. Clean out the cookie container and replace it with healthy foods.


2. Understand the emotion that causes food cravings. Do you experience food craving when you’re bored or stressed? If you are able to recognize the triggers, you will be able to cope with the emotion that is causing you to urge for a particular food.


3. Get a sufficient amount of sleep. You are likely to wish for food when you feel exhausted.


4. Never ever give up. Do what it’s needed to re-gain your power when you “slip.” Make an effort to practice discipline all the time. Think about moderation but not abstinence!.


5. Keep in mind that self-control alone will not work. You are likely to fail if you totally rely on yourself for control. Join a support group.


6. Exercise. It boosts the feel good hormone (“endorphins”) which eliminates your craving. Try to get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity daily.


7. Use Moderation. Instead of filling yourself up with all sorts of food expecting that your food cravings will stop, try to limit “craved foods” to 100-200 calories in a particular day.


8. Replace your craved food with low-fat and complex carbohydrate food.


9. Do not skip a meal. Consume food every three to five hours. Try six smaller sized healthy meals throughout the day.


10. Exchange comfort food for a pleasurable experience. Be aware that stress can lead to food cravings. Go for a walk at the park, jog, dance. Physical activity accelerates parts of the brain that increases pleasure. Relaxation method is very effective.


11. Stay away from certain kind of Medications. They may stimulate your extreme wish for food. Medications for the remedy for depression can turn out to stimulate your hunger. Prescription and over the counter medication may also have a negative impact on your appetite. If you are on medication, and have a food craving problems, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.


12. Draw attention away from yourself. Be busy.


13. Clean up your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. Throw away all the unhealthy food and begin shopping more cautiously. Mindful preparation will definitely go a long way which enhances your possibilities of success.

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