Causes of Breast Cancer and How to Prevent It

by Shirley Burrill (Guest Author)

Most of the women around the world today have heard about breast cancer or come across a woman suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the killer diseases, affecting women all over the world today. Breast cancer awareness is being spread across the globe, in order to enlighten women on cancer. All these efforts aim at preventing women from the disease that has claimed many lives and continues to attack women, especially young and women aged women. Each person, especially women has a role to play in preventing the killer disease. This ranges from self-examination, lifestyle changes, knowledge on risk factors and seeking medication.


It is important for every woman to know more about breast cancer, its possible causes, risk factors and prevention, in order to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. Women should constantly examine their breasts and pay particular attention to the size, color of breast and nipples and any lump or irregularities. Any abnormalities should be reported to the hospital immediately, in order for the patient to be screened for cancer. Breast cancer has been linked to lifestyle changes and family history.


The real cause of breast cancer is not known, but it occurs when breast cells start abnormal growth. The cells replicate faster than usual and accumulate. After some time, a lump forms due to accumulated cells and if no action is taken to prevent the spread of the cells, they continue spreading to the other body parts.


In order to lower the risk of getting breast cancer, you should do the following


1. Knowledge on breast cancer

It is the responsibility of each woman to seek knowledge on breast cancer and act accordingly. There are simple steps that each woman should take in order to enhance personal safety. One of the simplest one is regular physical breast examination, which can reveal any irregularities or lumps. In case you are not sure or do not believe in your ability to conduct the test, visit a medical practitioner who will check on you regularly. This test should be done on monthly basis, especially a week after the menstrual periods.


2. Remain physically active

This helps a person to have a healthy weight because obesity increases breast cancer prevalence. Therefore, make exercise a part of your daily routine. Physical activities include aerobics and brisk walking, and these activities boost the overall well-being of a person.


3. Avoid smoking and limit your level of alcohol consumption

Smoking and drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of developing breast cancer and should be avoided. Women should avoid smoking because breast cancer can develop in any women, even if the disease does not run in the family. It is possible to get breast cancer due to one’s lifestyle and every woman should look out for lifestyle behaviors that can lead to breast cancer.


4. Eat a healthy balanced diet

Ensure that you take healthy foods especially vegetables and fruits. The diet should be low in fat and you should especially avoid saturated fats.


5. Breastfeeding

Women are advised to breastfeed their babies as this will help to stabilize the levels of estrogen. Hence, a woman should breastfeed their baby for as long as recommended, since it can help them reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.


6. Treatment

Women who have a family history or are at a high risk of developing breast cancer should seek medical intervention. There are various medications and options and some of them include removal of the breast and taking medications, which can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. A person should discuss with their doctor, in order to establish the best option.


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