What is Gout?.


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  • I am a vegetarian. I do not eat red meat or drink alchohol. I do have pain ‘Gout’ in my feets..located at tips & beneath my toes…I research it on web n found that soaking feet in Epsom salt water for a few days relieve & remove the pain. Eventually they heal. Also it happen only during mid winter, when physical activies are limited due to winter weather; snow storms n icy roads. It would be educational to research alternative cure as well as prevention of this disease with foods that may help to eliminate it. Thank you for your time to research n share the information.

    • You’re Welcome Ruby. I’ll do more research about the topic.

    • Anonymous

      Devils Claw consumed daily is a sure fire way of combating gout along with pure cherry juice, ginger and Oreganol

  • Amanda

    Is there a possibility gout can form from drinks like diet coke?

  • CountX

    Absolutely, it’s highly acidic content and deadly aspartine can leave excesses of calcium deposits making it hard for the kidneys to purify and breakdown for bodily excretion and contributes to excess formulation of uric acid.

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