Weight Loss Motivation Tips To Get You Going

Everyone needs a little encouragement every now and then. You want someone to keep on telling you that your goals are achievable and that you are on the right track. It doesn’t matter if you gained 20 pounds in the last two months or finally want to get down to business after being teased for being overweight throughout your weight gaining period, you need a little motivation. Rather than waiting for someone to come along and sweep you off your extra pounds, apply the following methods to motivate yourself:


*1. Picture Yourself How You Want To Picture Yourself.

You’ve probably already stood in front of the mirror numerous times, seeing yourself with the perfect abs or imagining yourself in a Size 10. Well, take it a notch further, and post a picture. If you have a picture from back-in-the-days when you were the perfect size, then post that up for inspiration or post a picture of someone with the weight that you are trying to achieve, along with a sticky note mentioning how much weight you need to lose to look like that. Be ready for a few days of depression and nausea though, but it will soon pass.


*2. Get A Smaller Size.

Every time you go out to buy a pair of jeans or a t-shirt, get a smaller size than the one that fits you. Having invested in a piece of clothing that you really like will motivate you to eventually be able to wear it. It may seem like a sacrifice, but rather than seeing it as money wasted, see it as money invested in your goals.


*3. Don’t Look For a Foolproof Recipe.

People are always on the lookout for an overnight, effective secret recipe for weight loss. The secret is that there isn’t one. There are plenty of ways to lose weight, and most of them are really effective, but as long as you are at it in full swing. The only way you can truly lose weight is with a strong will. So, don’t just make goals but get right down to achieving them.

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