Detoxify Your Body and Mind.

Detoxification is not only needed after alcohol or substance abuse. Your body and mind need to detoxify when they have been vulnerable to a lot of physical and mental stress. Your body needs to get rid of all the extra toxins that might have made their way into your system. Following are a few easy to follow ways to get your mind and body detoxified:


*Fasting Regimens.

Fasting regimens have shown substantially positive results. Fasting allows the body to eliminate all the accumulated toxins that can clog your digestive system and arteries and thus boost your metabolism. However, many have complained of feeling a little cranky and weak, especially those who have never fasted before. So be prepared and don’t be too hard on your body, and especially don’t plan on fasting on an important day, or you might be too distracted to focus on either the day’s events or your regimen.


*Clear Your Mind.

Detoxification also means clearing your mind of anything and everything that might be stressing it out. It doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring your problems totally but simply on giving your mind the “me time” it deserves. Some might tell you walking aimlessly will do it, while others would suggest meditation and others would recommend gazing into the ocean on a quite Sunday. All of these do work, but not for everyone. If meditation or walking doesn’t do it for you, don’t do it simply because someone claimed they work. Do whatever puts your mind at peace, but try not to make it a bar or a nightclub or listening to heavy metal through the night, because that will only be distracting your mind rather than letting it rest. Hitting the spa for a long massage would do wonders for your mind and your body.


*Get Moving.

Walk, run, jump, swim, do anything that keeps you moving and sweating. Sweating will get rid of the toxins and will improve the blood circulation, which will invariably detoxify your body and mind.

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