Best Ways To Slow Down Aging

We all desire to know what it takes to slow down our aging process. Our parents precondition us from an early age to think that we will live to a particular age. We go around with one particular perception in our subconscious mind that we currently have a pre-defined life-span within 60-90 years. But there is no specific rate at which any individual should age because we are all different.


Some individuals appear to look ageless with no wrinkles and act young externally. The less fortunate appear to be older beyond their age. Our body’s biological age is a reflection of our spiritual, physical, and mental experience through life. In great conditions, our body system will be able stay alive to the age of 125 years!. Take a look at these two totally different list below:

Lifestyle qualities that contribute to Longevity:

*Partake in an enjoyable exercise regularly.

*Have a happy relationships with children and spouse.

*Be an active member of the community and enjoy friendship

*Seek to learn about new things and enjoy self improvement

*Eat a balanced and healthy diet

*Supplement your diet with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

*Have a perception of self worth and goals in life.


If your daily life does not reflects any of these qualities, then you need to start putting them into practice.


Lifestyle qualities that will not promote Longevity:

*A non-active lifestyle.

*Excess body weight or obesity.

*Inability to deal with pressure

*Isolation – living and working alone, no friendship.

*Consistent junk food diet.

*Over-eating (comfort eating).

*Excess alcohol consumption.

*Smokes regularly

*Lacks determination and purpose.

*Lacks stability and routine

*Harbors grudge, fear and anger.


If you happen to fall into this category, try as much as you can to make a change. Take action if you desire to enhance the quality of your later years. It may be a challenge to make lifestyle improvements, however, take things one step at a time and be consistent.

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  • ferdinand aringo

    I need a daily tips for dieting

    • loan

      Try to use Vitamix, grind up vegetables & fruits, put a little seasalt to drink for breakfast, drink it when you are hungry. You won’t be so hungry until lunch. Then you can eat 2 meals a day instead of 3 meals a day. Also do not eat after 8 pm or earlier.
      Do not drink soda any more (drink less and less).
      Make sure you wash vegetables really clean to prevent having worms & stomach aches. Peel skins off fruits. Walk every day for 30 minutes.

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